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4 Common Questions About Cleaning Your Pillows

4 Common Questions About Cleaning Your Pillows

You wash the rest of your bedding regularly, don’t forget about your pillows!

How often do you clean your bedding? While you might regularly change and wash your sheets and blankets, how often do you think about your pillows? Here is what you should know about cleaning your pillows.

Standard Pillowcases Are Fine, Right?

While you might think standard pillowcases will be okay, this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s true that a standard pillowcase will protect your pillow, after all, that’s what they are meant to do. But sweat, oils from your hair and face, and discarded flakes of skin can still slip through and stain your pillows.

Do I Wash Pillows When They Look Dirty?

Washing pillowcases will help, but every so often you should wash the actual pillows too. That said, you need to remember that there is a way to properly wash your pillows. First of all, once your pillows look dirty, it might already be too late. You should wash them while they aren’t too dirty, with warm, not hot, water and a gentle wash cycle. If your pillows are supposed to be hand washed, you’ll have to clean them more often, too. A general rule of thumb is every six months, but more frequently is recommended, especially if you suffer from allergies.

Bleach Makes a Difference, Right?

You don’t like the smell of bleach, so you try your best to avoid using it all. Bleach is hugely helpful when you need to clean in the kitchen or the bathroom. But it’s not a good idea to use it on your pillows. The bleach will damage both the outer covering of your pillow, and whatever materials are stuffed inside to make it nice and fluffy. A brand name detergent should be all you need to restore your pillow’s brightness.

What Happens to Washed Pillows?

Remember, quality matters. Higher-quality pillows will last you years or even decades. Even when regularly washed, a better-made pillow will last longer than one you only spent a few dollars on after repeated washings.



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