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Cleaning Your Sink Faucets

Cleaning Your Sink Faucets

Don’t overlook your faucets when you’re cleaning!

Whether it’s hard water or soap scum, your sink faucets can get dirty fast. Restore that pleasant sparkling shine by keeping them clean. If you plan on having a lot of guests over this summer, you need to make sure that the sinks in your bathroom and your kitchen are as clean as possible.

Quick Cleaning

Never put off cleaning for too long. Even if you don’t feel like doing it at that moment, you should try. Once too much cleaning builds up, you’ll be exhausted once you’re done. Luckily, quickly cleaning shouldn’t be too difficult. Dampen a rag with some water and soap. Wipe down every part of the sink faucets then run some water over the rag when you’re done to get the leftover soap off of it.

Getting Rid of Spots

For this to work, you’ll need some vinegar. Put the vinegar on a rag and then start scrubbing at the spots you can see, but be gentle.

Heavier Cleaning

Unfortunately, heavy duty cleaning will be necessary sometimes. Put some disinfectant on your sink faucets and let it dry. Then scrub with a toothbrush you don’t want to use anymore. Use the brush to get any spots you can’t reach with the regular rag. Then take a sponge and some water and wipe away any residue that is left. You should grab a towel and put it underneath to minimize water splashing everywhere and creating another problem for later.

Additional Advice

Depending on what your faucets are made of, you might not need to make much effort to keep them clean at all. Nickel-plated faucets only need a wet rag with some water on it to make the spots go away as long as the spots are freshly-formed. You can use this trick to clean the mirror over the sink, if the mirror is nickel-plated too.

Using vinegar can be a surprisingly effective remedy as well – give it a try. However, avoid using steel wool. You might think this will clean more effectively but you run the risk of rubbing the plating off your sink faucets.

Ivete’s Cleaning Service Is Ready to Help

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