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Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean

At Ivete’s we have years of cleaning experience to teach us tips and tricks for a tidy home–today we’ll be sharing a few of those with you.

There’s an old saying – cleanliness is next to godliness – and regardless of your beliefs, we think there’s a little truth to be had in there. A clean home feels more put together, warm, and inviting. However, keeping your home clean can be a never-ending task. Finding ways to lighten the load can help keep you less stressed and help make big cleaning jobs that much more comfortable. At Ivete’s we have years of cleaning experience to teach us tips and tricks for a tidy home — today we’ll be sharing a few of those with you.  

Do A Little Every Day

By setting aside a few chores to do on a daily basis, you’ll prevent dirt and grime from piling up and making your cleaning duties that much harder. We suggest starting by making sure dishes are out of the sink, and the kitchen is swept every night before bed. This step ensures that any dirt and food particles won’t be tracked through the rest of the house and that you won’t wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes. Wiping down the shower and bathroom sink is another great way to prevent dirt buildup. Not only will you have to clean these areas less, but you won’t have to worry about mold growth either.

Keep Supplies Handy

There are few things more annoying than preparing to finish a chore and then not being able to find the supplies. We recommend keeping all your cleaning supplies in one easy-to-access area. A cleaning supply caddy is a great way to keep everything together, in fact, we think caddies are one of the best inventions for cleaning. If you live in a home with more than one story you may want to have a cleaning caddy with supplies for each floor. Not only will your supplies be at the ready but if you run out of material on one story you’ll have a backup!

Dry Wipe After Cleaning

While adding a dry wipe step may seem like overkill, it’s this finishing step that will transform your cleaning routine. By wiping everything dry after cleaning you not only prevent any water from pooling, but you’re also polishing, and removing the last traces of dirt. While mopping is extremely important, it often leaves a lot of residue and dirt behind. By wiping everything down with a clean towel after wet washing, your home will be two times cleaner.

Ivete’s Cleaning Service Is Ready to Help

Are you ready for a professional clean as often as you need it? Ivete’s Cleaning Service is ready to provide you with the best professional commercial cleaning possible! If you use Ivete’s Cleaning Service, you are guaranteed to enjoy a beautiful professional cleaning like you have never seen before. We have provided excellent service to our residential and commercial customers for 27 years and look forward to meeting your cleaning needs. To schedule a consultation, visit us online or give us a call at 301-518-7172. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+!

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