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Cleaning Tasks that are Often Overlooked

Cleaning Tasks that are Often Overlooked

There are certain cleaning tasks that you’ll always remember: vacuuming, wiping down the countertops, cleaning the sinks, et cetera.

There are certain cleaning tasks that you’ll always remember: vacuuming, wiping down the countertops, cleaning the sinks, et cetera. But there are plenty of spots you may very well be overlooking in your regular cleaning routine. Being sure to keep on top of these cleaning tasks can help keep your home cleaner. Form good cleaning habits by paying attention to these frequently overlooked cleaning tasks.

High Spots, Low Spots

Out of sight, out of mind–the saying goes for cleaning as well as anything else. When you’re cleaning your home in a hurry, it can be easy to forget about the spots that aren’t right in front of your face and the spots you don’t see every day. It’s important to look for every cobweb and sign of buildup in the corners, nooks, and crannies. While most may overlook these spots during day-to-day cleaning, consider that professionals are trained to look for and clean these spots if your home is in need of a deep cleaning.


We tend to think of windows as a weekend-long cleaning project. As a result, it often gets overlooked until it comes time for spring cleaning. But cleaning your windows doesn’t have to mean a weekend on your hands and knees with newspaper and vinegar: if you hire a professional housekeeping service, your windows will always be clean so that you can have a clear view.

Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances

Some of the most stubborn, caked-on messes can be found in your kitchen. These spots can be hard to see and harder to reach, so many of them will go overlooked. This includes the inside of your cabinets and appliances. You may wipe down the outsides of your kitchen cabinets, stove, and microwave, but how often do you deep-clean the insides? Taking care of these messes will make a big difference in your kitchen, making it a cleaner and healthier place to spend your time.

Toilets and Sinks

Another frequently overlooked mess is the toilet, as well as the sinks. These can be easy to ignore because they’re often smelly and difficult to clean, but it’s important to keep them not only looking clean but also disinfected. This is something a professional housekeeping surface can keep up on for you, ensuring your bathroom is disinfected all the time.

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